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Paris Baby Arbitration has two podcasts series of which it publishes monthly episodes.

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Paris Baby Investigation

The Paris Baby Investigation series features renowned arbitration practitioners and professors who tackle arbitration-related topics.

Episode n°9

Arbitration in the OHADA region, with Athina Fouchard Papaefstratiou

Episode n°8

European economic sanctions and international arbitration, with Prof. Regis Bismuth

PAW 2023 Mini-series - Part 2

Environmental law and international arbitration, with Vanessa Thieffry

PAW 2023 Mini-series - Part 1

Presenting the Paris Arbitration Week 2023, with Marily Paralika & Raphaël Kaminsky

Episode n°7

The implementation of dispute boards in construction matters With Yann Schneller

Episode n°6

The future of investment arbitration within the European Union, with Mathias Audit

Episode n°5

Third party funding of arbitration proceedings, with Ms. Yasmin Mohammad

Episode n°4

L'intelligence artificielle dans l'arbitrage selon Jean Rémi de Maistre

Episode n°3

Quand les entreprises défient les États en arbitrage d'investissement selon Maître Christophe Seraglini

Episode n°2

Être une femme dans un monde d’arbitres selon Maître Caroline Duclercq

Episode n°1

Devenir arbitre en 2021 selon le professeur Thomas Clay

Paris Baby Orientation

Paris Baby Orientation is PBA’s newly created series in which are discussed practical aspects of pursuing a career in arbitration.

Episode n°3

PhD in Law and Career in International Arbitration, with Constance Castres Saint-Martin

Episode n°2

The benefits of associative involvement for early career development in arbitration, with Ernest Morales Tonda

Episode n°1 - Part 3

Presenting the Vienna Vis Moot, with Lina Ettabouti

Episode n°1 - Part 2

Presenting the Concours International d'Arbitrage francophone de Montpellier, with Lina Ettabouti and César Hasson

Episode n°1 - Part 1

Presenting the Concours d'Arbitrage International de Paris, with César Hasson

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